iko Whitening

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93% of IKO WHITENING users have experienced a whitening effect and in 33% of cases this was after the first use1

iKo whitening softly polishes and exfoliates your teeth reducing stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc. without any aggressive oxidising chemicals.

Requires neither water or toothpaste.
Enriched with natural elements to cleanse teeth, gums, and tongue.
Suitable for people aged 14 years and over.
Use it up to 100 times.

iKo Whitening fingertip toothbrush is 100% recyclable and proven to whiten and polish your teeth, gently and effectively, due to the special formula which includes white clay with the addition of essential oils in its patented polymer.

These natural elements are clinically proven to reduce teeth stains and refreshes your breath.


1 - Evidence of a Whitening/Polishing effect on the dental enamel following the use of IKO Whitening