iko KIDS


iKo KIDS is the first finger toothbrush that releases FLUORIDE with each use without the need for water or toothpaste.

It is designed to adapt to the shape of the mouths of the little ones to make dental hygiene, often rejected, a playful and fun experience.

Requires neither water or toothpaste.
Available in 4 great flavours
Suitable for people aged 6 years and over.
Use it up to 100 times.

By releasing fluoride with each use, iKo KIDS helps prevent plaque and cavities, doing it for the first time in a simple and fun way. The iKo KIDS fingertip toothbrush is 100% recyclable and can be found in 4 delicious flavors: strawberry, banana, orange and green apple.

Open the case and immerse yourself in the fragrant and fun world of iKo Kids.


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